The young africans brainbox

The young africans brainbox The young africans brainbox

From our friendly discussions throughout our school curriculum to our discussions in private circles, a discussion topic always resurfaced: Africa.

Some were born and grew up there, others just have their origins there, some others discovered it during touristic or business trips and many others only knew it from a distance.

We realise that the picture painted by the western media about Africa is very dark. She always shines by interstate conflicts or most often intertribal conflicts or great famine crisis. Far from contesting this reality, we however regret that this media does not also carry the image of the Africa which smiles, moves, hopes, which develops from its reality and adjusts in its way in response to globalisation.


Because the Africa of today is no longer that experienced by our parents and the current literature does not reflect the dynamism which drives us when we evoke it, we believe that it is up to us, young Africans, friends, or simply African lovers, to improve its image by offering our look.

Our objective is therefore to repaint the portrait of Africa that we love by exposing our own reality without pretences or preconceptions. Explain what Africa is today and what it aspires to. Afrik’Eya wants to be a centre of strategic thinking in order to effectively prepare the future of Africa. But also concretely promote promising initiatives of African youths.

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