Afrik’Eya? The name sounds great, it is easy to remember and frankly speaking, it is trendy. But what does it mean? What does it refer to? Let’s break it down to better understand the meaning. We have on one side the word “Afrik” and the other the word “Eya”.

The word "Afrik" is not just the sms contraction of the name of our dear and beloved continent. It actually refers to the African currency as thought by Osende AFANA (part of the first black Africans to obtain a Ph.D.) in his bestseller “The Economics of West Africa, Development Prospects (1966).” In his book he states that there is no real independence without monetary independence. We have chosen this word in the idea of ​​representing a united and independent Africa.


The word “Eya” on its part comes from a Benin dialect and can be translated as: rise, forward, etc. The idea is to include a reference to the African youth who wants to go forth. And we can find the same word in many others African languages with approximately the same meaning.


In short Afrik'Eya thus refers to a free, independent Africa, which moves forward. A dynamic youth which undertakes, moves, evolves. A diverse Africa which must reconcile its differences to advance.




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