Afrik'Eya Team Members

Christelle MASSING (President of Afrik’eya)

Christelle is an operational marketing graduate with a strong attraction for project management: entrepreneurship and web marketing. She is equally a founding partner of ARESS Ltd, in the renewable energy field with 3 years of experience in marketing project management. Led by a strong spirit of discovery, she travelled throughout Africa, Europe, and America. She is always with the idea of ​​enriching the mind to allow the development and be a force of proposals.

A quote she is committed to: “Difficult is done, Impossible will be done!”(Direct translation of an African proverb)

Danielle MBESSE (Afrik'Eya Secretary and Treasurer)

Danielle, a graduate in International Finance in France and England, she comes from Cameroon, where she spent her adolescence. One of her great passions: traveling. She lived in five European cities in seven years and has enriched her life of traveling and cultural discoveries in several Western countries. Her dream, make discover Africa and recount it in a different way than the media.


Her locomotive: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust.

Isabelle ZONGO (Quality manager)

Isabelle, Franco-Ivorian metis with Burkinabe origins was born in the beautiful city of Abidjan in Ivory Coast where she lived until 2002, year during which she came to France. Since then, she has been to Europe, Asia and Africa where she met with citizens of the world and above all lived beautiful experiences on the humane level. Passionate about arts, craft and culture, she is preparing her business plan in order to launch shortly in the entrepreneurial adventure.

The little word from Isabelle: “Smile to life! And life will smile back at you!”

Sandra KAMSU (Development and communication division)

Sandra, of Cameroonian origins was born in Yaounde, Cameroon where she lived until her high school graduation and is currently a student in second year Bachelor of Management at the Paris business College (INSEEC) in France.She is passionate about music, traveling, photography and visual arts.

Sandra’s quote: Everything bought is worthless.

Léonide SINSIN (Development division manager)

Between Benin and France, his life simply boils down to an adventure.He barely graduated in energy that he launches out in consulting and development of energy projects in West Africa. His aim is above all to make discover his Africa to everyone; this explains his multiple trips around the globe. Afrik'Eya meets his faith of youths that match its ambitions and which gives itself the means.

Quote: “The stay of a tree trunk in water does not turn it into a crocodile.”(Direct translation of an African proverb)

 Aimé EVANG (project pole manager)


Aimé,considers himself a citizen of the world. He graduated from the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense in economics and management. He is now finance consultant, Co-founder and partner of ARESS Sarl and one of the founders of Afrik'Eya.


His quote: « The inactive optimiste sins by his stupidity when the active optimiste sublimates his being.»

Laetitia EBINE (Translation manager)

Laetitia, of Cameroonian origin, is born in Yaoundé. She now pursues her journey as second year student in economic and social administration at the University of Paris X Nanterre. She has a deep love for foreign cultures, international relations and languages. Of passionate nature, she is open to new experiences of life.



A proverb which motivates her: “One cannot help an ox to recover if it doesn’t tries to do the same!” (Direct translation of an African proverb)

Nia BIAKOU (Community manager Afrik’eya)

Nia is originally from Congo- Brazzaville and is a graduate in Management science.Passionate about traveling which she considers being a chance of meeting and discovery among peoples;she strongly believes that the cultural wealth of the world lies in its diversity.Very attached to Africa, her native continent, the Afrik'Eya project being to put forward an Africa that rises and that acts, seems to her evidence in an era where it is often portrayed in a bad light.


A proverb dear to her: “When you do not know where you're going to, look back at where you come from!”

Ulrich PENDA (Project and quality division)

Ulrich,of Cameroonian origins, after training in Business Administration at the Catholic University of Central Africa, joined the EM Lyon Business School in 2012 for training in corporate finance (projects finance, investment funds…). He is not only passionate about entrepreneurship, but also football.Attracted by the discovery of new cultures, he travelled in some African countries like Ghana and Ivory Coast.


Ulrich’s quote: “Activity is more fortune than caution.”(Direct translation of an African proverb)

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