African middle class: myth or reality?


Through AFD, The Economist, ADB, Deloitte, McKinsey, the Guardian to name but a few, the news talks about African middle classes as sign of economic recovery in Africa and guarantors of a substantial purchasing power which should attract investors.


Family tax and the bankruptcy of the African executive


The family tax: cultural heritage or economic burden to the rise of the African executives?That is the question that arose Benin Professor Leonard Wantchekon and that we highlight in this writing.


The Elasticity of Hope: social and economic constraints faced by the current African youth.


Whereas Africa knows an historic growth, unemployment and poverty remain major problems. In this capitalist world, of which youth is submissive to those financial mechanisms that only a small minority masters, can the youth hope for a better future? How can their governments contribute positively to their desire of development? How can they interfere on their elasticity of hope?



The principle of tontine: between tradition and modernity



It is the famous monthly, quarterly or annual appointment of mothers. Tontines are present practically in all Africa and in France thanks to immigration and they represent a large independent financial organization.



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