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Published on 10/12/2014

Wish for Africa


Following recent events in Burkina Faso, Gilles DAGBA invite us to reflect on the question of responsability in Africa. Should we rejoice that the intire population rose up to oppose an umpteenth reign of his monarch? - Certainly.

However, [...]


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Published on 19/06/2014

African middle class: myth or reality?


Through AFD, The Economist, ADB, Deloitte, McKinsey, the Guardian to name but a few, the news talks about African middle classes as sign of economic recovery in Africa and guarantors of a substantial purchasing power which should attract investors.

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Published on 02/06/2014


Nollywood Week Festival - Paris 2014

Published on 16/04/2014

The African woman today.


We have a tendency in our country to push girls to be "long rods", women with great careers like Christine Lagarde, married women with many children, faithful to her husband, respecting her in-laws and taking care of herself.

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Published on 04/04/2014

Family tax and the bankruptcy of the African executive


The family tax: cultural heritage or economic burden to the rise of the African executives?That is the question that arose Benin Professor Leonard Wantchekon and that we highlight in this writing.

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Published on 15/01/2014



Afrik'Eya gives you the floor today. Through a questionnaire covering socio-economic and political issues, grant us 20 minutes of your time to express your point of view and compare it with that of other Africans.


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Published on 20/09/2013

Undertake in Africa: The Green Start Up Challenge


D Day-3 to give a serious impulsion to your project at the Green Start Up Challenge, a competition for green growth, innovation and social entrepreneurship in Africa. The winners will be granted a place in the “incubateur 2iE” (if their company is not yet created) or in the “pépinière 2iE” (if the company is already created). And this from January 2014, for a defined support duration according to the projects needs. So, whether you are an accomplished or a young entrepreneur, you can try your luck before September 15th, 2013.


To apply, you need to:

  1. Complete the Application File, which you must name as: «Candidature_GreenStartUpChallenge_ ProjectName »
  2. Give an Executive Summary of your project (PDF of maximum 2 pages), which you must name as: « ES_GreenStartUpChallenge_ ProjectName »
  3. Joined the CV of the leading developers of your project in a unique PDF document. Named as follows: «CV_GreenStartUpChallenge_ProjectName»
  4. Optionally, join a Business Plan of your project and all others documents justifying the progress of your project (pictures, videos, website, contracts, annual reports, etc.).
  5. Send them all to before September 15th, 2013 at 23h00 GMT.


For more information and advices about the contest and the application modalities, please visit our 2iE partners’ page: Hurry up, there is no time to wast !!!

Published on 25/06/2013

          Forthcoming launch of the "Travelogue"


Dear visitors, on June 27 will be the opening of a new section on your website: the "Travelogue". The objective of this section is to discover every country in Africa through the experiences of people who live or have stayed even a short time. This will make it possible to visit Africa from your computer screen, tablet, phone, etc. But remember: the best is yet to go there for yourself !

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