The African woman today.


We have a tendency in our country to push girls to be "long rods", women with great careers like Christine Lagarde, married women with many children, faithful to her husband, respecting her in-laws and taking care of herself.


Miscegenation: efforts left to do


Is it richness in itself to be Metis? Miscegenation brings a lot of controversy such as racism and the difficulty of mixtures of cultures. Paradoxically this mixture brings a certain richness and contributes to the tolerance of tomorrow in my opinion. Indeed watching around us, many people from different geographical areas and different cultures meet.


Forced contraception of jewish Ethiopian women in Isreal: a case of eugenics?


After five years of rumors, the Israeli state which has always denied the charges finally admitted that Ethiopian-born women had been forced to take a long-term contraceptive called Depo-Provera before being allowed to immigrate to the countries.


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