The African woman today.

Published on 16/04/2014 | Author: Christelle N.

We have a tendency in our country to push girls to be "long rods", women with great careers like Christine Lagarde, married women with many children, faithful to her husband, respecting her in-laws and taking care of herself.


We consider these things logical and full of common sense but did we ask ourselves the question of what these girls really want?

Women's issues


Many of them end up studies to enter the public service, marry, have children, have maids, ignore infidelities and absence of their husbands and eventually end up saying that sentence that all woman say : "so far as he cares for the children I’m fine".


Are they blooming? No. Do they love what they do? No. Would they love to do something else or have another life? Yes. Why don’t they dare? Because their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other told them: “My daughter, you must go to school, do this contest, get married, have children and support. That’s what will make you a responsible woman.”


Is that really being responsible? Not really because many of them fill the void left by their husbands with other men. Others contain, become embittered and sick. Those disappointed by love relationships become men-eaters, known and renowned mistresses. Finally of what use is it to maintain and illusion of perfection which is anyways impossible to achieve?


I think the African woman today must follow her own goals. If she wants to become a cook let her be the best, if she wants to become a lawyer let her be the best in this field and if she wants to be a house wife let her be the best.


Oh yes because we have the right to be a housewife. Nowadays it shouldn’t be a foregone conclusion. Being a housewife is not just getting up in the morning to clean up and wait for her husband in the evening. Being a housewife is not depending on what our husband will give us. Being a housewife is not being a child.



Being a housewife is managing a business that is our home. It’s to foresee a budget, organize the household to make sure that everyone has what he needs. It’s to ensure that all thrive and communicate. It’s to organize the home events while giving prominence to what we are passionate about. Being a housewife is all about having a goal and a personal objective to attain in order to enable us be independent from our husband.


It is a pleasure to have time for your children. Being able to take them to school, get them in the evening without rushing. Engage in activities together, give them our time. Some think it makes women control manic and very protective. Not necessarily. So far as we have something else doing, something else we are passionate about; we are not constantly checking over our husbands or our children. On the contrary, we help them fully open up by blossoming. Finally being a housewife is attaining certain equilibrium.


But we must be clear about one thing, being a housewife is not to be suffered, but selected. A choice we make ​​together with our husband. He should not take us for granted or for a lazy woman who stays at home doing nothing. He must realize the value of our work and our actions. We must not go his way, but rather act as a team. We take off the stress of home management, bills and other pressure and in return they must give us the means to manage the home stress free while giving us the means to open blossom.


“Accomplished woman!"


The woman of today should not be ashamed to support financially her home, these things happen. It is not a shame to help financially her husband, we can all need help in our lives and our husbands must be able to count on us when blow.


Today's woman is to make choices for themselves, regardless of what society thinks, regardless of tradition. The aim is not to disrespect the tradition or other, the aim is to be in accordance with oneself. Taking responsibilities of ones actions, errors without saying “it is because of my parents if this or that happens to me" or "I wish I could do this or that but it is not good, you can’t really do that.”

My happiness recipe


To be happy in life, we must first know what you want and what makes us happy. And this also applies to women. We must get to know ourselves. Know what you want and what you need. Do not wait for someone to make us happy but to make ourselves happy despite all the hazards of life. Be able to look back and be proud of what we have accomplished.


Here are some words for the women.


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