My holidays in Cameroon

Published on 06/27/2013 | Author: Sandra KAMSU

On vacation from May 12, 2013, it had been 8 months I had not gone to Cameroon, the country where I was born and where I grew up getting my degree. I lived in Yaounde, specifically Santa Barbara (district of Yaounde, capital of Cameroon, ed.) I later went to continue my studies abroad.

Vicissitudes of Douala

During the holidays, I went to Douala, a city where circulation is very congested and, the best way to move is to use a motorcycle. The last time I came, the roads were badly damaged, and I was pleasantly surprised to find they had been reconstructed and arranged.

As usual, I took the heavy axis Yaounde - Douala, a very dangerous road, incivility of drivers, who double in any situation summits odds, turns, white lines and I don't state them all. Many times you graze the disaster, but unconsciousness does not scare them at all!

My trip was full of emotion, including the fire of Carrefour Anatole market. (Central Market in the city of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. More than 200 shops burnt, ed.) It is also a place where the hair is done outdoors. I went to get my hair done and the hair dressers fought for the customers shouting :
- " Ma'Co do you want to have your hair done? I am professional, I worked at Obama fashion I was too strong they decided to dismiss me. You know jealousy i guess."
- "Ma'Co leave that stupid woman she is crazy, come here, I plate well i have small fingers."

Batié, my village...
I also went to the west of Cameroon, in my home village Batié close to Baham. I went there for the "Tchua" of my grandmother. The Tchua is a traditional ceremony in a family, which is celebrated once a person reaches a certain age. To do this, the person prepares food for his family to be fed. This person is then assigned a particular seat in the family and an honorary name.

In my y village we're surrounded by nature, the forest and mountains completely isolated from everything. Fortunately, it can be accessed by a good road, and also we have electricity. But comfort is sometimes rudimentary at this time. In this period of May-June, there is a lot of sun! But this did not stop me from cultivating the farms with my grandmother we harvested corn and planted beans

Some problems still persist in Cameroon
Cleanliness still does not seem to be the priority of Cameroonians. The country is getting a little dirtier each day. Garbage are found everywhere on the roads.
Nevertheless, my vacation went well. It feels good to some precious time like that. This will really motivate you when start work or lessons.


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